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A traditional flooring, stained concrete provides vibrant and long-lasting floors to every home and business property in Tulsa, OK. The company specializing in concrete staining brings quality materials, and the service tried-and-tested is now near you. As a team of top professionals, we are known for proving a flawless work! Our team of experts relies only on up-to-date techniques and access materials, which are top-grade quality.

Achieve beautifully rendered floors using decorative concrete solutions. One of which is concrete staining, a simple and traditional methods of applying dyes on the surface. This process produces distinct patterns every time. It is a practical refinishing and resurfacing technique.

Many clients define it as their go-to-flooring method when enhancing a dull cement floor. Use staining and transform ordinary floors into a timeless craft inside your homes and business spaces.

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Smooth, Flawless Finish: Stained Concrete Tulsa Services

We offer the two most loved stained concrete floor techniques. Acid and water-based are basic staining methods. In the past years, various properties always choose concrete dyes on the floors’ surfaces. The dyes penetrate the cement. It then results in a fade-resistant coloring.

The staining method helps any property achieve lasting beauty. Colored dyes maintain their unique effects on the surface. It does not wear, and it will indeed last you for a long time.

Acid Staining

The stain with the acid mixture as the dye’s carrying agent reacts to the concrete. The result is a unique pattern of colors. This style produces numerous custom floor patterns. It penetrates the concrete; that is why the designs are sustainable for long periods! The outcome is a diffused effect of the dye blending on the concrete surface. It does not quickly fade. It best suits places that frequently engage in extreme activities. Acid stained floors are no match to high moisture and regular exposure to liquid elements.

Water-Based Staining

The water-based staining is a safer process than acid-based since the medium of the dye is water. The result is a more concentrated color and a solid palette. With water-based staining, you can control how deep or light the shade of color will be—looking for added pump and youthful, vibrant patterns? Use water-based staining to your floors!

Color Options

Upgrade and amplify your floors with custom colors and unique combinations. Popular stained concrete colors are neutral, earth, deep red for a classic look, and modern, vibrant oceanic-blue stains!

Where can I apply stains successfully?

Stained concrete is excellent for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Achieve a tulsa flooring system with enduring aesthetic, looks natural, and can be customized. 

  • Residential Concrete Floors
  • Commercial Properties 
  • Industrial Spaces

Homeowners love the concrete with stained patterns. If old cement floors at home have old cracks and dents, the staining technique covers such flaws. It makes designs blend with mottled dyes interlaced with the floors’ creases.

For residential spaces, stained floors are a practical choice. The process is fast. Additionally, if you are looking for a safe, home-friendly floor refinishing a water-based stain is for you.

Best in:

  • Living rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Lounges
  • Dining halls

Investing in a durable and high-resistant flooring system helps a company or a business save costs for maintenance and expensive repairs. 

A stained concrete flooring fits well for massive spaces, like in industrial areas. If you own a mall, manufacturing lab, a warehouse, or office spaces in Tulsa, OK, staining the concrete floors in your properties is a cost-efficient option. Apply staining in :

  • Office spaces
  • Company Lounges
  • Lobby
  • Multi-purpose halls
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • And more..!
    For classy defined floors, get it done with stamped concrete overlays to get colors and texture that gets the attention of any visitor or client in your area!

How Much does Concrete Staining in Tulsa cost?

The high foot traffic and functional activities make the floors susceptible to wear and tear. Resurfacing the concrete bases with this advance flooring technique gives a sturdy and super strength surface. It resists damages and challenges in managing floor stains. It serves you with a low-cost repair.

Installation cost depends on the flooring needs and area size. So, contact our team now. Ask our friendly customer representative to talk with your flooring solution needs!

Concrete Staining Tulsa : Maintenance

Stained concrete is low-maintenance. It is highly resistant to stains. With patterns that resemble stain, itself, any flooring condition will quickly adapt. The smooth glossy surface is easy to manage. 

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