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Tulsa Concrete driveways intensify the overall appearance of your property and have become a vital part of homeowners’ lawn decorating projects. They are easy-to-maintain, long-lasting enhancements that help boost every properties’ curb appeal. They also provide safe and sound driving and parking experience for car owners. If you have kids, you should have a reliable concrete driveway to offer them a one-of-a-kind experience in riding their bicycles and scooters.

If you want to showcase the attractiveness of your home, then do not take your pavement out of the equation. Driveways are not just a mere path for vehicles for it also plays a significant role in overall impacts. From down the streets to your patio going inside your parking garage, an expertly enhanced concrete driveway supplements not only visual pleasure but also supplements lifelong quality and distinction to your residence as well.

We, at ABZ Stained Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, are a licensed, bonded, and insured concrete contractor company that offers customized concrete driveway designs serving for more than 15 years. Formed a team of skilled concrete driveway builders, we ensure the finest, best-looking, long-lasting pavement. Our paving services incorporate the latest selections and modern technology. It also covers demolition, settling, installing, and cleanup. We always guarantee expertise and artistry to every concrete driveway we build.

Concrete vs. Asphalt for Concrete Driveways Tulsa

Concrete provides excellent durability as compared to asphalt. If a Tulsa concrete driveway is laid flawlessly with steel-based concrete and handled by skilled contractors, expect your driveway to last up to 30 years, even with limited upkeep depending on the structure. For asphalt pavement, it requires resealing or recoating every three years to five years, which is the threshold number of years that it will survive without any maintenance. Asphalt is also more prone to damages compared to concrete if we are to consider climate conditions.

Caring for you Concrete Driveway Tulsa: Tips

Our properties do not last forever. Damages from natural elements are inevitable. Carelessness also sometimes contributes to minor impairments. Proper upkeep is required from time to time to preserve our assets. If you have availed of our concrete driveway service, here are some guidelines to get your driveway last longer.

man-cleaning-driveway-with-a-water-hose1. Thorough Cleaning

Have the time to sweep away the debris like fallen leaves weekly at a minimum to avoid too much of the toxic elements settling on the facade. Also, wash away oil leaks before they leave permanent spots on the concrete.

2. Prevention is the Best

cracks-on-a-concrete-drivewayCracks are the most often problems observed in concrete driveways. These are caused mainly by trees, weeds, and shrub roots climbing up from underneath. We recommend to exclude trees near your pavements or have their roots scraped. Seal the bonds of the concrete as much as possible as it appears. Sealing the gaps will reduce water trespass, dirt buildup, and limits the unwanted weeds from germinating.

snow-on-a-concrete-driveway3. Careful Plowing

Use your snowplow delicately enough to make sure it does not scratch and damage the concrete driveway surface. It would be best to use plastic shovels to reduce the risk of driveway surface damage.

4. Contact Experts

Better seek professional repair services for any visible cracks as quickly as possible to get patched immediately. Smooth and level driveway prevents future accidents.

Residential & Commercial Concrete Driveway Tulsa


Home owners around Tulsa value their homes and properties, driveways included. With our residential concrete Driveway Tulsa services, your curbs are sure to get the attention of your family, friends and even friendly neighbors. Why? Because a resurfaced driveway stands out in form and function. Never settle for less! Get only expert resurfacing services from trusted Tulsa flooring contractors.


Have a commercial space in need of a change? Don’t scare your customers with a crooked driveway! Since it is one of the first things people will see, it pays to get their attention and show them just how unique your business is, starting with your resurfaced curb done only by expert resurfacing contractors. Match it well with a great signage pointing to your doors and we assure you, the customers will start lining up. After all, your store’s front speaks volume about your services!

Here in ABZ Stained Company, we do not just simply engage in businesses and build driveways for residential properties; we provide meticulous service and satisfaction to our clients everywhere in Tulsa, OK, and nearby areas.​

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We are well aware that constructing a new driveway is a huge venture that needs gentle care, accuracy, and efficiency. Working with ABZ Stained Company will grant all this and more extra. We approach each driveway construction project as if it is our own residential house. Do not delay. Start your concrete driveway installation scheduled today. Call us at (insert number). Our frontline driveway experts and contractors will be delighted to address your queries.