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Your dishes come out as if a world-class chef cooks them, but your kitchen does not match your excellence in making mouth-watering cuisines? Does it make you think that you need renovation? An elegant concrete countertop will suffice your dilemmas.

Here in Stained concrete Tulsa company, we got all you need, served in a silver platter. We have been installing best-grade concrete countertops, residential or commercial, for more than 15 years. 

We take pride in our team of high-caliber countertop makers who deliver exceptional effort to achieve your desired output. We conduct our operation throughout Tulsa, Oklahoma, and neighboring places.

Stained Concrete Countertops: Smooth, Flawless Finish

The rapid growth in the demand for concrete countertops makes it a prominent material for homeowners and kitchen areas in business spaces. Producing high-end and seamless countertops is one of our expertise as far as interior design is concerned. 

Nowhere near to feeling too fresh or modern, concrete can supplement almost any style of kitchen, sink, bathroom, or even the patio near your swimming pool. 

To give you a summary of our decorative concrete services for your countertops, here are some of the features and characteristics of our concrete countertop products.

  •     We usually use enhancers such as pozzolan-based chemical products epoxy, support materials such as fiber brace, acrylic, and other concrete supplies such as overlays. Stained concrete countertops in Tulsa are also a popular option for those cool hues.
  •    Concrete countertops we supply consist of cement, combined with specified aggregates, and a mixture of essential compounds. The epoxy-coated countertop is so durable and sturdy that oils and other kinds of liquids will not infiltrate its surface.
  •     Retouching countertops is necessary since they have rough surfaces. Sanding and polishing achieve the objective of making it smooth, glistening, and radiant.
  •     Some structural auxiliaries are used, such as steel or a wire mesh. Other materials used are fiberglass. Depending on the project’s requirement, more than one type of material will be applied. We can discuss your requirement and specifications. Our desire is to fulfill every need of our clients!

Concrete Countertops Tulsa: The Finishing Touch

We always apply epoxy in countertops as the final touch. This method is the key to releasing the beauty of the countertop to its full potential. The technique is unique to each concrete countertop Tulsa scheme. 

The epoxy is more robust than the concrete itself. Although this adds to the expense, the quality pays for its price. Also, its only maintaining method required is to apply a generous amount of water-based liquid wax. 

The process of application of the wax is every nine months to a year to preserve elegance.



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Your kitchen, patio, bathroom, or pool upgrade should be trouble-free. ABZ Stained Company furnishes concrete countertop design and installing services. We give full assistance from the blueprints, design incorporation, up to finishing. 

We ensure you have the ideal and desired countertop for your home. If you aspire for a natural vibe, we can make exclusive designs on your countertop that can transform your kitchen experience into a cooking extravaganza. 

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