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Stained Concrete Tulsa has been providing excellent concrete services for more than 15 years. Our business is locally operated to ensure quality outcomes. We offer a variety of vibrant stained, stamped, and decorative flooring options for your home or business property. Our business is licensed, bonded, and insured with a team of professional and experienced installers you can trust.

We use modern techniques and technology in utilizing different types of dyes specifically designed for your old, dull, or polished concrete. If you want concrete flooring that stands out and provides durability, stained concrete is the best option for you!

Why We Love Stained Concrete Tulsa OK

Stained Concrete Services We Offer

If you are bored with your dull flooring, you can easily improve the look of your concrete surfaces through our stained concrete services. Our team of expert installers in Tulsa Ok will help you pick the best flooring designs and solutions that meet your desired outcome.

Acid-Stained Concrete

Acid Stained concrete involves the process of enhancing your concrete flooring through the use of acid-stains that deeply penetrates the surface. The dyes that are used are permanent and provides a luminous finish that would perfectly blend to any interior or exterior architectural designs.

Water-Based Stained Concrete

Water-based stains make use of non-chemical reactions to stain the surface permanently. Although these stains are less-permeating than acid, the benefits would be less harmful chemicals being released into the air and more color options are available for you.

Decorative concrete Process

Decorative concrete is one of our specializations; we can have your flooring stained, stamped, or a combination of different flooring solutions. Our experienced installer can help you achieve the aesthetic look you’ve been desiring for your home or business.

Our decorative concrete process: 


The first step we do is to survey the surface area for us to come up with the proper depth for concrete pouring. After which, we will proceed with the installation process following the client’s design specifications.


Our second step is pouring the concrete mix into the area to achieve decorative designs.


The third step is applying the preferred color on the surface of the concrete.


The final step is stamping the concrete surface while setting through the use of a stamp design chosen by the client.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops can be used for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. It provides a unique finish, and its designs and styles can go from traditional to modern outcomes. One of the best features of concrete countertops is it is eco-friendly and durable.

Are you tired of your old countertops? You can have it improved through our concrete countertops services. Our team of installers is happy to assist you and achieve our desired outcome.

Installation Areas

Our team handles your surfaces with care to make sure you get only the best-looking floors and countertops. We install over concrete driveways, concrete countertops, and other residential and commercial floors. Let us help you achieve your dream design today!

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Our team does not just simply engage in businesses and build driveways for residential properties; we provide meticulous service and satisfaction to our clients everywhere in Tulsa, OK, and nearby areas to make your flooring dreams come true!